The Last Song

It was about 2 years ago when I sent a song to my good friend Mark Balma. He isn’t only a good friend of mine. He’s an artist 2. He’s the only one that I know that really deserves the title of Artist. I thought that Mark could work on this old blues I wrote when I was about 28. I find funny that Mark changed the arrangements from a distorted electric guitar blue to a softer song. I used to play the song with an electric guitar, playing a very Clapton-style solo. Mark didn’t know anything about this version, I sent him a song with only my voice, and a small keyboards, on an easy drums track. It was amazing listening to his version.

This song was about a relationship that never starts. It was not a real affair. Just something that I had in my mind. That year, 1998, the relationship ended. I called the song Ultima Canzone (last song in Italian), because it was the last song I wrote for that relationship, but not the only one. It was useful to move on 4 a new page of my life.

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